Spring Calculator

Enter your weight when fully geared up, your frame's rear wheel travel, and your shock's stroke to receive a recommended starting point for your new coil shock setup.



Tips: Most springs come in 50 pound increments, but it is very unlikely you will have a calculated result in a 50 pound increment. For a starting spring that is softer, round down. For a starting spring that is more firm, round up. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THE CALCULATED SPRING RATE YOU GET WILL BE THE PERFECT SPRING FOR YOU, YOUR BIKE AND YOUR RIDING STYLE. This calculator is meant to get you a great starting spring when installing a coil shock on your bike for the first time, and it may takes an additional 1 or 2 springs to truly find the best spring rate which is totally normal. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions!