2021 Chromag Wideangle Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-121-01 - 826974032591 - Medium - Black Pearl
2021 Chromag Wideangle Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-120-03 - 826974032584 - Small - Purple Ash
2021 Chromag Wideangle Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-120-02 - 826974032577 - Small - Impala

2021 Chromag Wideangle Frame

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The Wideangle has undergone several changes including updated geometry, new features, and compatibilities. The Wideangle is Chromag's 27.5 wheel, all mountain hardtail made by hand at our partner factory in Taiwan. The newest version features longer front end geometry with relaxed headtube and steepened seattube. Oriented to longer travel forks, the Wideangle positioning is readjusted for the best balance of direction control and stability.

It also includes boost rear wheel spacing, tapered headtube and stealth seattube routing. A new machined yoke paired with the boost layout means an significant increase in tire clearance. For those interested in dabbling in the future option of 26+, there is clearance to explore that route.

Almost all Chromag frames are made from quality 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Chromoly is an abbreviation for chromium-molybdenum indicating the materials that the steel is alloyed with.

The added chromium helps increase the steels hardenability and also provide some corrosion resistance.
The molybdenum helps to increase the toughness of the steel.

It has a high tensile strength but is also malleable which is what gives our frames their notorious ride quality and feel. Chromoly is often used when more strength is required than that of mild carbon steel.

It falls under the AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) 41XX designations which is where the “41” comes from. The “30” indicates it contains approximately 0.30% carbon by weight.

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional 1020 steel and it has a higher strength to weight ratio and high tensile strength, which means we can use less material and achieve a product that can withstand the abuse that riders love to throw at it.

Head Tube Badge

Your bike is special. The head tube badge is the finishing touch so we’ve always made a point of taking the time to do something interesting with it. Our head tube badges have changed over the years and are an indication of the time each bike was made. Whether it’s a cast bronze, or polished stainless steel, water cut aluminum or a 3D CNC carving, each one represents our commitment to detail.


As 12mm through axles have proven to be solid, reliable and convenient, we have committed most of our models to utilize this format.   Our 12mm dropouts are accurate and tough and feature a removable derailleur hanger with a sturdy interface for strength and reliability. All 2017 models (excluding Monk and Nice Dreams) will follow the 148mm boost spacing.


Our ‘Yokel’ design is a small machined junction on the chainstay that helps accommodate both tire clearance and chainring clearance. Our first versions were huge CNC yokes that bridged the entire front end of the chainstays. Over time we refined this to minimize weight by arranging our chainstay layout asymmetrically and reducing the yoke to a minimal size. It’s one of our most unique frame features and has been copied by other frame makers.

Frame Geometry

Frame Size S M M/L L
STACK 603 603 603 612
REACH 422 440 464 484
EFFECTIVE TOP TUBE 572 590 614 636
HEAD TUBE 95 95 95 105
WHEEL BASE 1156 1174 1198 1222
BB DROP 33.4 33.4 33.4 33.4
BB HEIGHT 316 316 316 316
STAND OVER 686 723 748 772
CHAIN STAY 419 419 419 419
SEAT TUBE 381 419 445 470