Fox SLS Spring - The Lost Co. - Fox Racing Shox - 033-22-000 - 611056173213 - 2.4" - 300#

Fox SLS Spring

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SLS springs are a lighter weight steel spring than the standard Fox spring. They are lighter than titanium springs at more affordable prices. The 35 mm/1.385" Internal diameter also fits DVO, MRP and X-Fusion shocks.

  • Internal Diameter: 35 mm/1.385"

Follow link below to find the correct size spring for your Fox shock*:

Fox SLS Rear Shock Fitment

*Use the longest spring possible according to the chart for your shock

Use our Spring Calculator to find the right weight spring for you, your bike, and your shock!


Rear Shock Stroke Spring Stroke Size

50-55mm Metric / 2.0" - 2.25" Imperial

2.4" Stroke Size

60-65mm Metric / 2.5" Imperial

2.65" Stroke Size

70mm Metric / 2.75" Imperial

2.9" Stroke Size

72.5-75mm Metric / 3.0" Imperial

3.15" Stroke Size

3.5" Imperial

3.65" Stroke Size