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Fox/Marzocchi Air Shaft for 36 Rhythm/Bomber

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If you're looking to increase or decrease the travel in your 2018+ Fox Float 36 Rhythm or Marzocchi Bomber Z1 fork, then just snag an air shaft and swap it out in your fork!

  • Fits 2018+ Fox 36 Rhythm & Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks.
  • Includes brand new seals pre-installed, plus a new foot nut and crush washer.

36 Rhythm/Bomber Air Shaft FAQ

Which models of Fox and Marzocchi forks does this air shaft fit?

The Fox/Marzocchi Air Shaft for 36 Rhythm/Bomber Z1 fits all models of Fox 36 Rhythm and 2018 +Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks. Fox currently owns and manufactures Marzocchi products, and the Fox 36 Rhythm shares the same chassis specs as the Marzocchi Bomber Z1.

This air shaft is NOT compatible with any other models of Fox or Marzocchi forks.

How do I properly install and lubricate this air shaft in my fork?

Below is the installation procedure we follow in our shop:

  • REMOVE THE AIR, remove the lower legs, and remove the current air spring.
  • Clean the inside of the air-side stanchion and lower legs like you normally would during a fork service.
  • On the new air shaft, carefully remove the upper piston seal, dip it in Fox 20wt Gold Oil, and reinstall it.
  • Place a dab of 20wt Gold on the top and bottom of the lower seal that slides on the shaft (base plate), and slide it back and forth to lubricate the lower seal.
  • Next, take a fingertip-sized dab of Slickoleum and dunk that finger into 20wt Gold Oil. Swab that mixture inside of the first few inches of the air-side stanchion. We do this about two times to accomodate for the 3cc's of factory recommended oil volume in the air chamber.
  • Install the new air shaft into the stanchion while depressing the air valve at the top of the stanchion to allow the air spring to slide in easily. The outer seal on the base plate wil now be lubricated when you insert the air shaft into the stanchion
  • Install the new snap ring, and you're all set. Reassemble the fork as you usually would during a normal fork service.

Will I need a new damper that matches the same length of travel as the new air shaft?

You do not need to pay any attention to your damper if you are decreasing the travel to more than what it is now, because the damper will just compress to accomodate for the decreased travel. Yes, you can even decrease your 180mm fork all the way down to 130mm and your damper will simply compress to the new travel without any negative effects.

However, if you are increasing the travel of your fork, then you need to check to ensure that you are not going above the maximum travel of your specific damper. Below is a list of the common dampers that fit in the Fox 36 Rhythm/Marzocchi Bomber Z1 chassis, along with their maximum travel according to the fork's wheel size:


Maximum Damper Travel (DO NOT EXCEED):

  • GRIP2 Damper Maximum Travel : 29" Fork = 170mm / 27.5" Fork = 180mm
  • GRIP Damper Maximum Travel : 29" Fork = 170mm / 27.5" Fork = 180mm
  • New 2020+ FIT4 Damper Maximum Travel : 29" Fork = 170mm / 27.5" Fork = 180mm

What is included with this air shaft?

The Fox/Marzocchi Air Shaft for 36 Rhythm/Bomber includes a new air shaft, a new foot nut, a new crush washer, and all accompanying seals pre-installed. The air shaft is available in multiple travel options for you to choose from.